Adopting Clean Routines Brings Me Inner Calmness

My cleaning routine has changed over the years.   I have to be honest – no one is going to put a notice up stating that my abode is the cleanest and shinest they’ve ever visited but they wouldn’t peg out here either.  But as I spend more time at home, it’s became obvious that I needed to be more organised.  I now ensure I rinse down my ensuite basin and surrounds before and after every use.  Before retiring at night I always rinse with the hard water removing cleaner and plish it all off.  It’s amazing how much nicer it is to get up to a brand new lookin basin and shiny taps .  I also tackle the crockery and clean up after cooking much more promptly – by putting things away and washing down the work and sink areas more thoroughly.    It’s amazing how it makes me more positive about the day.    As I’m not exactly in the first flush of youth, one might well ask why I didn’t adopt these routines decades ago!