Carpeted Washrooms – Never A Good Idea

The luxury of soft wool carpet beneath one’s feet first thing in the morning is obviously a matter of personal taste.  It is certainly my preference and I relish that moment of undiluted pleasure as soon as my alarm goes off.  There is a movement however to get back to basics with wooden floors everywhere, and stone tiles in the washrooms and everywhere that would not benefit from soft carpet – for hygiene reasons as much as anything else.  I have had flats and shres where the whole pad has been the cheapest cord carpet throughout and you would not believe the diablical state it can get into when sharing with a bunch of lads.   The washrooms and toilets became unbearably smelly.   Cleaning carpets is easy enough especially with a carpet cleaning machine – in fact it’s cathargic in a sense.  But it is also time consuming and a lot more trouble than fetching a squeezy mop and bucket of hot suds!