Dirty Carpet Owners In Denial

Carpets can be asked to deal with many things spread on them –  hyman hairs, pet fluff, mud, debris.  Doggie hair.   It isn’t much good thinking just a vacuum cleaner will do the trick.  They only scratch the surface.  Not only is this bad for the carpet, leaving them unwashed makes them a draw for dust mites which can cause immense irritation amongst a lot of people.  They can cause acute allergies on their own.  However, it sems that a huge number of Britons don’t ever wash their carpets – staggeringly, one survey by a leading carpet cleaning company found that as many as 85% do not even consider they could have dirty carpet.  Yukk.  Washing the carpet every  or 4 months with propretary shampoo and a machine will help keep the carpet in clean.  It ispossible to hire machines if space is at a premium.  However, using a professional carpet cleaning company is even ore efficient. The carpet will be soft and luxurious and will smell wonderful for weeks.  The carpet also seems to stay cleaner for longer.

Winter Woes Solved With Professional Cleaning Company

My goodness it has suddenly turned visciously cold and threatening by way of weather.  Admittedly we should be expecting this to happen, it being now the real start of winter.   It is absolutely fab going out in boots, thick jacket, hats and gloves to breathe in that ice cold air.  I remember as a child, it was a shock to the lungs as we yelled and messed around making as much noise as possible!  However, the cold and very dank weather is no help to the domestic god/esses of the world.  Those organised folk who love to  have a completely blemish and rubish free envronment.  A messy return from fun causes such chaos in their lives it can create a bad atmosphere all round.  If the home needs more than the regular vacuum, then hiring a professional carpet cleaning company to give a twice yearly ‘super clean’ is a fantastic option.  They are truly professional, working around and around furniture – everything in the room reflects the effort put in and the aroma is divine!

The 3 Dogs, Mud & Honey Carpet Syndrome

Thinking back to the other year, oh boy did we have a seriously messy few days here – out in the sticks.   The dogs had been going mad with boredom because the Lady of the house had decided it was far too muddy and damp to take them up to our usual stomping ground.  It’s a farm with lots of very generously spaced walking areas for friends of the farmer.  There’s plenty of nice soft grass and lots of space for dogs to let off steam.  There’s also quite a lot of ud and wet lef mould between it and my lounge floor.   We have one really unfortunate incident when the 3 dogs all tumbled in after each other in a massive fun fest but some clot had failed to shut the doors leading to the sitting room.  Yikes – I’ve never seen a honey coloured carpet suddenly look like a junior 11s practice ground quite so quickly.  There was mud and leafy stuff up the walls, over the sofa and tons of it spread around the carpet.  We tried the usual trick of letting it dru but when we brushed it off, the residue would not shift!  Time for the professional cleaning agency – and my word they made a fantastic job this time round.  Sweet smelling and soft again, our carpets are evidence that miracles can happen!

Containing Results Of Messy Dog Walking

Gosh the gardens and parks are full of leaf drop at the moment and although it’s sad that all this glorious colour is lying smulched all over the ground, there is a touch of hopefulness that next spring isn’t all that far away after all! However, this weather does present problems at home and however carefully you try to keep tabls on the trail of mess coming in, it is impossible to keep it all out. When you take dogs out for their daily constitutional . . . mud and wet stuff seems to materialise before you’ve even got the lead on. If it’s possible to leave the house and return by a dedicated back door near the dog’s day area, this will help contain some of the damage – keeping a stash of newspaper near the door, say in a handy cupboard, is handy so you can instantly whip another couple of sheets down. There are some fantastic carpet runners that are specially designed to catch mucky stuff that comes off dog paws. These are worth their weight in gold. Keeping a cloth and cleaning spray with that pile of newspaper is also a good idea so you can instantl swipe the dripping mess that will surely be making its way over the floor any time soon!

Measles & Illness Call For Carpet Cleaning Blitz

There has been such a lot in the news about children not being innoculated against the most serious of childhood illnesses.   The measles problem never goes away fully.  I know many people think the problem from the vaccine could be worse than the illness, but the chances of this happening are millions to one.  However, lots of families are working themselves into a rather uneasy state about deciding not to vaccinate.  The problem with less families actually vaccinating their children is the very quick spread of disease throughout certain communities.  Once one child gets it, several follow suit and before long there is a real epidemic.  When such illness strikes, cleaning up the home during and afterwards is absoluely critical.  Children tend to spread mess everywhere so carpets especially need to be thoroughly cleaned.  A professional cleaning agent is the best method.  They will clean and disinfect the carpets and make them smell wonderful into the bargain.

Husband, Car Parts & Cream Carpet . . .

Our house was brand new in early 2000s when  my family moved in, lovely and smart.  Like other families taking a new house for the first time ever, we took photos on the day when we were allowed in to measure up for curtains etc. Our son managed to  master the taking of videos and took lots of  pretty good videos of us wandering from room to room.  An amusing  running commentary was added and we did the trick of opening all the cupboard and room doors for her to make a grand entrance!  The carpets had yet to be fitted.  We had chosen a gorgeous pale honey colour.  Probably a big mistake, especially as we had a complete petrol head living in, his greatest joy was mooching about in garage and then coming into the house via the integral door.  .  .  It’s amazing how efficient a professional cleaning company can be when faced with half a engine of oil over the new honey carpet!

Chewing Gum Cleanser Simple As Sugar For A Baby

One of the more annoying aspects of walking down the high street on a jaunty little shopping spree is the contact with chewing gum.   It is revolting and sticks to everything your shoe touches.  It is such a revolting habit.  No one bothers to clean it up and yet the moan like mad when t mucks up that favourite dress or and jacket.   Young and old people still chew gum regularly – apparently it’s a good stimulant for the mouth and brain.  Once it’s hit the deck though it s not such a delight as it sticks down and yet remains soft and pliable, especially when some cad has dropped it on a pavement – it stays there and resolutely refuses to be picked up but as soon as someone’s brand new shoe hovers over it, it lands on that sole,never to be taken off.  Well I say never, this is the stuff of nightmases.   The simple answer to this problem is sugar – it dissolves and destroys the chewing gum with no power tools, no leads, no high pressure hoses.  The commercial product on the market probably includes other properties too but essentially sugar!

Cinders Will Go To The Ball – After The Cleaners Move Out

Getting specialist cleaners and carers for certain areas of the house or office exactly when you need them is not always easy.   I have chums who are expecting to be very busy in late September going in to October – they’re holding a mini Ball for their daughter in a belated “well done for qualifying last year / well done on getting back from your year of travel / even more well done for getting engaged during all this”.  So quite a little bash.   They do have a pretty big house and lots of dogs.  My chum was telling me all about their plans when she suddenly gasped in horror at seeing a line of destruction in the hallway and front sitting room – the dogs had dragged something ghastly in from the french windows and had flung the remains around in a game . . . . .     My recommendation for specialist carpet and furnishing cleaners was gratefully accepted and apparently a fantastic job was done.   Always pleasing to hear back.

Actrobatic Window Cleaning Is Possible

Having engaged a proper commercial window cleaner for the last ten years or so, I can honestly say it’s boon.  Trying to clean the upstairs windows without this hep is now getting to be anightmare.  It is possible of course, because modern windows are designed to be cleaned from the inside and I could do it if neessary.  It involves openeing both side windows to their maximum and leaning out to clean half the centre pane – from each end of the window sill  . . . . .  The other method is to have tilting ones that can be unlatched and turned almost ‘inside out’ and the external side cleaned in the vertical position.  When I have tackled them, I’ve found a clear spray cleaner with two eco cloths work best – I manage a much less streaky finish by spraying and wiping vigorously with first cloth and polishing off with the next.  Shaking the cloth and using fresh patches each time also helps!

Getting Garden Grubiness Out Of Carpets

It can be a trial keeping the house totally dirt free when the children have been home for he holidays.  With such odd weather patterns forming these days, we can’t rely on the grim winter weather to disappear at the end of March.  Just as spring has sprung, bang, in comes a torrent of rain, hail, gusty winds and all that those bring.  My own garden has been strewn with leaves from a usually delightfully covered shrub – they’re now all over the patio and immediate area.  Being large, they collect all the rain and mucky bits – the children and dogs race in and out of the house constantly and within hours, the place looks like a tip.    You can only get so much muck off with vacuuming.  The rest needs a blitz by a profssional carpet cleaning outfit.   This will not only clean, but toally refresh the carpet fibres, conditioning them and helping to protect them from the next onslaught!