Chewing Gum Cleanser Simple As Sugar For A Baby

One of the more annoying aspects of walking down the high street on a jaunty little shopping spree is the contact with chewing gum.   It is revolting and sticks to everything your shoe touches.  It is such a revolting habit.  No one bothers to clean it up and yet the moan like mad when t mucks up that favourite dress or and jacket.   Young and old people still chew gum regularly – apparently it’s a good stimulant for the mouth and brain.  Once it’s hit the deck though it s not such a delight as it sticks down and yet remains soft and pliable, especially when some cad has dropped it on a pavement – it stays there and resolutely refuses to be picked up but as soon as someone’s brand new shoe hovers over it, it lands on that sole,never to be taken off.  Well I say never, this is the stuff of nightmases.   The simple answer to this problem is sugar – it dissolves and destroys the chewing gum with no power tools, no leads, no high pressure hoses.  The commercial product on the market probably includes other properties too but essentially sugar!