Cinders Will Go To The Ball – After The Cleaners Move Out

Getting specialist cleaners and carers for certain areas of the house or office exactly when you need them is not always easy.   I have chums who are expecting to be very busy in late September going in to October – they’re holding a mini Ball for their daughter in a belated “well done for qualifying last year / well done on getting back from your year of travel / even more well done for getting engaged during all this”.  So quite a little bash.   They do have a pretty big house and lots of dogs.  My chum was telling me all about their plans when she suddenly gasped in horror at seeing a line of destruction in the hallway and front sitting room – the dogs had dragged something ghastly in from the french windows and had flung the remains around in a game . . . . .     My recommendation for specialist carpet and furnishing cleaners was gratefully accepted and apparently a fantastic job was done.   Always pleasing to hear back.