Cleaning Up After Sudden & Prolonged Closure

How to keep your homes and offices clean when there’s been a pandemic generated panic buy of every conceivable cleaning material from the shops.  Whilst we’re in lockdown and people are only allowed to go to work if they’re in a critical industry or cannot possibly do their job at home.  There are key workers like all NHS staff and anciliaries, teachers and essential suppliers and their staff.  Otherwise currently all businesses and offices remain closed.   There was little time to prepare for this and so companies will have to get their cleaning work done in some sort of order.  Firstly companies will have to check that no security breaches have occured;  that litter in the bins is not going to compromise them.  Then the whole place will need a thorough deep clean to rid stale air, possible germ retention and freshing up – carpets and flooring will need specialist clean too.  Professional cleaners do this as a norm and it is advisable to contact a local company as soon as possible to book a really effective clean up before the collleagues trundle back in!