Dirty Carpet Owners In Denial

Carpets can be asked to deal with many things spread on them –  hyman hairs, pet fluff, mud, debris.  Doggie hair.   It isn’t much good thinking just a vacuum cleaner will do the trick.  They only scratch the surface.  Not only is this bad for the carpet, leaving them unwashed makes them a draw for dust mites which can cause immense irritation amongst a lot of people.  They can cause acute allergies on their own.  However, it sems that a huge number of Britons don’t ever wash their carpets – staggeringly, one survey by a leading carpet cleaning company found that as many as 85% do not even consider they could have dirty carpet.  Yukk.  Washing the carpet every  or 4 months with propretary shampoo and a machine will help keep the carpet in clean.  It ispossible to hire machines if space is at a premium.  However, using a professional carpet cleaning company is even ore efficient. The carpet will be soft and luxurious and will smell wonderful for weeks.  The carpet also seems to stay cleaner for longer.