Emergency Carpet Spot Clean Routine

I love my daily walks where I live in the country but as I have a bad habit of keeping my shoes on when I’m indoors, I’m always finding great clumps of dirt or muddy mess on the floor.  I have a rapid action kit handy though – after brushing dry matter away completely, a small bowl is filled with hot water, a nail scrubbing brush and propretary carpet cleaning solution are promptly to the remaining mark.  Working fast, from the outside inwards, containing the spread as much as possible, dabbing with a damp cloth to remove the dirty foam works best.  Two or three applications, circling in opposite directions each time removing as much damage as possible.   Because my carpets are honey coloured . . . I pop a tiny drop of bleach in the solution I do find this helps the cleaning action but wouldn’t on darker carpets.   Pressing down with a clean e-cloth will mop up excess dampness and it can be left to dry naturally or with a hair dryer if speed is of the essence.  Then vacuuming thoroughly will usually restore the carpet.