Establishing Personal Lessons For Life

This ‘non stop weekend’ in endless lockdown’s got a bit tedious after the first heady couple of weeks;  many folk having now run out of steam, and enthusiasm and with children home all day, every day,  the house looks worse than a tip.    So some ground rules for the hapless housekeeper…  Getting a good schedule is no.1.  Every day for example :  Make your bed.  Children should be taught from the crib to turn back the duvet to air for a while and then make their bed every morning without fail.  Pick up one’s own dropped items, be they clothes, toys, books, phones etc.   Do not leave for Mum or Dad.    Wipe down all worktops in kitchen – disposable ‘j’ cloths are ideal here.  This is especially important with us requiring constant hand washing.  Sweep kitchen floor regularly through day especially when cooking or just after.  Use the dishwasher more – every damp dishcloth & tea towel introduces more germs;  clear away as you cook, before serving or pop in dishwasher and then clear crocks after every meal – teach children to clear the table and unload the dishwasher – after a few years they’ll know how to load it properly too.