Fussy Sisters Could Make Cleaners Obligatory

When I was growing up, I was always in a pickle when it came to the tidiness of my part of a shared bedroom.   I have two sisters and both are completely the polar opposite of me.  One has definite tendencies towards OCD, especially in the kitchen and bathroom.  That’s a trait I don’t entirely dislike, her rooms have always been cleaner and more welcoming than mine!  The other is not quite so fussy and particular about the cleaning or swabbing down, but she does like to stick to her cleaning rota and and nothing is allowed to get in the way of that, except births and deaths – neither of which we can control the timing of.  As I am not a slave to the clock, I happily engage the services of a professional cleaning company fairly regularly to tackle the carpets and other deep cleaning jobs.   Fantastic value for money and worth every single penny!