Getting Garden Grubiness Out Of Carpets

It can be a trial keeping the house totally dirt free when the children have been home for he holidays.  With such odd weather patterns forming these days, we can’t rely on the grim winter weather to disappear at the end of March.  Just as spring has sprung, bang, in comes a torrent of rain, hail, gusty winds and all that those bring.  My own garden has been strewn with leaves from a usually delightfully covered shrub – they’re now all over the patio and immediate area.  Being large, they collect all the rain and mucky bits – the children and dogs race in and out of the house constantly and within hours, the place looks like a tip.    You can only get so much muck off with vacuuming.  The rest needs a blitz by a profssional carpet cleaning outfit.   This will not only clean, but toally refresh the carpet fibres, conditioning them and helping to protect them from the next onslaught!