Harvest Means Autumnal Cleaning Spree

Wooh how the time flies – it seems only yesterday I was happily babbling on about a lovely holiday I had spent with my best chum from work, but how we had needed to call in a professional cleaning company when massive clouds of chaff from the harvest had caused havoc with our skin and clothes.  She just couldn’t get her cotttage bright, clean and sparkling enough.  We needed what she referred to a “a right bottoming out job”.  She has lived out there for 24 years after taking redundancy from the company we both enjoyed working for.  Her husband also managed to get redundancy at the same time, which in their case was not a double blow, but in fact a really double wind fall!  They had already bought the cottage and were doing it up as they could each summer holidays.  The start of harvest each year signals time to book the annual autumn clean up.