Hints For Carpet Cleaning With A Brush

When you’re unable to get a professional carpet cleaner in for a particular job, there are some handy ways to rectify a temporary grubby carpet.  Firstly before shampooing, test a patch of the most vivedly coloured section – perhaps a bit under a chair, following the instructions on the bottle.  Once it’s dry and you’re happy that no damage has occured, proceed:  Move as much furniture out of the area to be cleaned if possible.  Vacuum very thoroughly.  Spending longer on this task will shorten the next stages.  Using proper carpet shampoo,  using a small washing up bowl, make up little solution.  Froth it vigorously and using only the foam on your scrubbing brush, scrub the carpet in sweeping circles from the centre of the mess outwards like a bulls eye.  continue in arm length circlular moving systematically across the carpet so as not to leave grubby patches.  No rinsing needed.  Before it dries, get a CLEAN soft broom and sweep the carpet pile in the right direction so it can be vacuumed properly when dry.