Muddy Paw Prints Need That Expert Clean

One of the things about looking after someone else’s pet is the sudden influx of mess that  you don’t really expect.  I have never had to think too much abut removal of muddy paw prints over a honey cream carpet or over the pale cream three piece suite.   I do put massive great towels down near the back door where the hounds come bounding in.  Good job I am absolutely hopeless at getting rid of old stuff that no longer seems to have a purpose or need for a space in my house . . . .  old bath and swimming towels are exactly what’s needed when babysitting two energetic pups when they’ve made the most of the exploring time in my garden!

The next thing I learnt – very quickly, was that getting the carpet really clean again is to hire the services of a professional carpet cleaner – nothing beats their expertise.  The finish is luxuriously soft. Just like new!