Harvest Means Autumnal Cleaning Spree

Wooh how the time flies – it seems only yesterday I was happily babbling on about a lovely holiday I had spent with my best chum from work, but how we had needed to call in a professional cleaning company when massive clouds of chaff from the harvest had caused havoc with our skin and clothes.  She just couldn’t get her cotttage bright, clean and sparkling enough.  We needed what she referred to a “a right bottoming out job”.  She has lived out there for 24 years after taking redundancy from the company we both enjoyed working for.  Her husband also managed to get redundancy at the same time, which in their case was not a double blow, but in fact a really double wind fall!  They had already bought the cottage and were doing it up as they could each summer holidays.  The start of harvest each year signals time to book the annual autumn clean up.


Easter Eggstravaganza Causing Cleaner Meltdown

The Easter holidays in our house used to be manic – one of my sisters has her birthday in mid April and that’s when I recall most Easters fall.  OK, many of course do land at the end of March, but on the whole, it’s Easter bunnies and April showers that come together for me.  We used to have parties and as I recall, masses of easter eggs each.  They were always wrapped in lovely shiny tin foil, in garish colours.   There being several of us in the family, there were an awful lot of choccy eggs about.  Always had to be kept on show in the sitting room.  None of this sneaking them off upstairs to our special space.  Trouble with all this easter fun was the mess that ended up on the floor!  Chocolate trodden into a carpet of any colour is not a good look.  Very special cleaning was employed – all of us with dust pan and brush followed by the 1001 treatment!

Car Fanatic & New Honey Carpet Don’t Mix

When my family moved into our house in the early 2000s, it was brand new – all lovely and smart.  We took photos on the day when we were allowed in to measure up for curtains etc. In fact my daughter mastering things much quicker than me, managed to make a pretty good video of us wandering from room to room.  She did a good running commentary and I did the magician’s assistant trick of opening all the cupboard and room doors for her to make a grand entrance!  The carpets had yet to be fitted.  We had chosen a gorgeous pale honey colour.  Probably a big mistake, especially as we had a complete petrol head living in, his greatest joy was mooching about in garage and then coming into the house via the integral door.  .  .  It’s amazing how efficient a professional cleaning company can be when faced with half a engine of oil over the new honey carpet!