Professional Cleaner – Top Christmas Wish

Christmas approaches – well it doesn’t seem like five minutes since I was happily babbling about the one from 2016!    I do not host christmas anymore – that is down to other members of the extended family.  Where I go is usually calm, orderly and extremely clean.  In fact the hostess has a thing about constantly wiping down surfaces and popping the cleaning sponge in her microwave oven for a quick 2 minute sterilising burst.

I have never thought about doing that – knowing my luck the spong would self combust.  However, they like to have everything really clean for themselves, but even moreso when entertaining.  This last year I put them in touch with a really good professional cleaning agency – they see to all rooms, even do the oven as an extra.  Their expertise is second to none and everywhere smelt and felt like new.  A Christmas Fairy treat for sure.