Professional Cleaning Required For Car Mechanic’s Carpet

I have the most lusciously soft and comfortable honey coloured carpet throughout most of my house, it goes from one main sitting room, up the stairs and throughout the upper floor.    My partner  was a very keen car fanatic and this involved a great amount of mucky stuff coming into the house from the integral garage.  Well, this caused rather a problem with the carpet – I used to try and clean it myself manually at home.   After ashort while I realised that a professional was going to be needed.  Well, what a fantastic difference – gone was the stubborn shadow of an oil stain and the honey shade came up quite a bit sharper again.  I now have a professional clean every year and this is maintained by my own efforts.  The cost is well worth it and I’m very proud when folk express amazement at the superb condition of the carpet bearing in mind its age!