Proud Pensioner Cleaning Challenge

Oh my goodness did I need to get hold of some cleaners the other day.  I was visiting a very ancient relative in her room at a very high end care home.  The domestic staff are very helpful and chatty when they wheel their carts and give each room a twirl – more like a lick and a promise.  Some of the residents still feel very uncomfortable at seeing someone else, often same age, doing ‘their cleaning’ and try to do it themselves beforehand.  This is hilarious because the dusters and spray polish are hidden away for this very reason.  the residents think they can do a better job, but as we know, the combination of frail wobbly old age pensioner is not steady enough on the pins to do more than cling on to the furniture on their way round to their stash of dusters . . .  they leave more mess than they clean up!