Remember Remember We’re Now In November

We rarely get so bogged down with family events that we forget the outer reaches of our own.  But in recent weeks, we have seen quite a lot of our families – something to do with memorial for so many of past generations who lost their lives in the first world war and this year of course, it has been Armistice Day for ages this year.  I wanted to ensure our carpets and soft furnishings will be as lusciously clean, soft and very much sweeter smelling.  The annual firework display up at the main Hall is always fun to attend.  This year though that other  little family tradition was a bit shortened – because we were having a mini rememberance service to commemorate withthe nation, the 100 years since the armistice.    Anyway we needed to engage the local carpet cleaning company and they were absolutely fantastic – we all like brand new feet and carpets.