Spot Action Needed For Accident Prone Mishaps

There are some weeks when I am just too clumsy to be allowed to own a whole house of my own!  It rarely happens that only one item falls over or trips me up.  Its usually a complete sequence of events that start off slowly and gradually built up until we reach a crescendo .  I’m guessing if the powers that be really want meto make a mess over the pale honey coloured wool carpet, nothing is going to stop that inevitability!  The carpet comes in for such a pounding too – I usually have a poorly fit a day or so after I’ve completely scrubbed the carpet.  I do this in a very nippy way too.  Fi rstly I brush the area, vaccum up the loose stuff.   Open the windows . . . with a small washing up bowl I use a solution of cleaner diluted 1:6 and with a stout nail brush and a mopping towel, I attack isolated spots first to remove the worse.  Working from the outside of the circle to the inside helps to stop the circle getting bigger.  Blotting with the towel helps to remove the dirty water and assist the drying.