Summer Harvest Brings Hail Of Golden Chaff & Bitty Mess

It’s been such a strange summer so far – the school holidays are upon us and we are knee deep in chaff from the fields over the back of our houses.  We don’t usually have the summer harvest until mid september but because of the strange heat and lack of rain, the crop has raced ahead and it’s safer being harvested now rather than at the usual time, when it may well be ruined by drought.  This move to July combining would not normally be note worthy except it coincides with school holidays when the children are constantly milling about inside and out.  This means that a lot more dust and mess is being trodden in to the carpets and all down the sofas and ingrained in the rugs.  Time for professional carpet care to take place with specialist vacuuming before the heavy duty cleaning machines and carpet softening and caring solutions.