The 3 Dogs, Mud & Honey Carpet Syndrome

Thinking back to the other year, oh boy did we have a seriously messy few days here – out in the sticks.   The dogs had been going mad with boredom because the Lady of the house had decided it was far too muddy and damp to take them up to our usual stomping ground.  It’s a farm with lots of very generously spaced walking areas for friends of the farmer.  There’s plenty of nice soft grass and lots of space for dogs to let off steam.  There’s also quite a lot of ud and wet lef mould between it and my lounge floor.   We have one really unfortunate incident when the 3 dogs all tumbled in after each other in a massive fun fest but some clot had failed to shut the doors leading to the sitting room.  Yikes – I’ve never seen a honey coloured carpet suddenly look like a junior 11s practice ground quite so quickly.  There was mud and leafy stuff up the walls, over the sofa and tons of it spread around the carpet.  We tried the usual trick of letting it dru but when we brushed it off, the residue would not shift!  Time for the professional cleaning agency – and my word they made a fantastic job this time round.  Sweet smelling and soft again, our carpets are evidence that miracles can happen!