The Dog Sitters Clean Routine

One of the joys of having grown up children is their ability to provide hours of fun by way of dog owning.  The joy aspect comes in when you can look after any or all of these and then hand them back at the end of an exhausting day or week.   The one minor drawback is the sheer amount of mess that accumulates during their stay.   I really love having any of the three pooches here.  I have a garden, and access to a very nearby dog friendly field.  But the amount of debris and mud that comes back from both is quite staggering.  I have quite a good strategy now though.  I use one particular door only for all ins and outs.  This leads onto a paved area rather than straight to the wet grass and mud.  The utility room is narrow so the pooch has to remain on the door mat and towel combo to wipe paws and have body dried off.  I also have a massive old bath sheet that I drape over the sofa in the family room for catching stray mud.  Then regular sweeping up with a rubber broom collects as much dog hair and dust as possible.