Wayward Weather Means More Cleaning Needed

Golly gosh we’ve had some very strong windy weather of late.  This used to be confined to March and November if I recall.  March winds bring April showers goes the saying.  Well in recent years we’ve had every kind of weather from January through to end of May.  Then we’ve entered a period of seriously dry heat which has gone on to tremendous rains and flooding before going back to scorching heat from mid July through to October.    I mention these titbits from recent history because they have a direct impact on how much cleaning we need to carry out in our homes.  The frantic speed with which the rainy weather arrives and the consequences for  householders – near constant flooding in some parts of the land – mean that cleaning companies have to adapt to be able to deal with more than just a spill of a bowl of water or someone’s dinner landing face down on the carpet.    They need to invest in serious machinery and be able to reflect this in their charges.